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Shopping Arcade in front of Atami Station (Nakamise shopping street, Heiwadori shopping street)
熱海駅前商店街(仲見世商店街、平和通り商店街) (Atami Ekimae Syoutengai (Nakamise Syoutengai, Heiwadori Syoutengai))

Discover local foods and goods in front of the station mall

In front of Atami Station, the two shopping districts are Nakamise shopping arcade and Heiwa shopping arcade, as well as long-established shops founded in the 60s and 70s.
Unlike shopping malls, many smaller shops are gathered for a very unique Japanese shopping experience.  Restaurants, cafes, sushi shops and dried food stores and of course souvenirs from Izu Peninsula can be found.  Why not take a stroll and munch on some hot spring buns?  Start and end your journey by shopping here.

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