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Atami Baien 'Plum Garden'
熱海梅園 (Atami Baien)

Plum blossoms that bloom earlier than anywhere in Japan

This plum garden boasts the fastest blooming plum blossoms in Japan and is also famous for enjoying the autumn foliage the longest.  Hot springs are said to be effective on illness not just because of the components in them but also from getting proper exercise. Because of this the park was opened in 1886 so people would come and enjoy the facilities after relaxing in hot springs.  After soaking in the hot springs, a walk here to enjoy flowers of the four seasons is one of the best ways to enjoy your time in Atami.  During the plum festival period, which is carried out each year from January to March, the beautiful plums bloom and you can enjoy footbaths, souvenir shops and a wide variety of events.  The creation of the plum garden was funded by a wealthy Yokohama merchant, Mogi Sobei.  He originated from Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture and since that area was one of the country’s best plum production areas, many plum trees were planted. The plum trees that bloom in the park are very well-known as flowers that were given to Emperor.

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Basic Information

Address 8-11, Baien-Cho, Atami City, Shizuoka
Telephone Number 0557-85-2222 (Atami City Tourist Association)
Web Site
Holiday No holidays
Fee Plum festival season (January to early March)
・General 300 yen
・Groups (When there are 11 people or more) 200 yen
・Citizens and guests 100 yen(Need ID)
・Junior high school students and under: FREE
※Entry to the park is free after hours
Available Hours 8:30~16:00(Entry is free after hours) ※No illumination at night
AccessTrain: from JR Atami Station to Ito Line is about 3 minutes → get off at JR Kinomiya → Walk for about 10 minutes
Bus: from JR Atami Station take buses bound for Ai-no-hara danchi, about a 15 minute ride → get off at Baien