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Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo
熱海芸妓見番歌舞練場  (Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo)

Experience professional Geigi dance and hospitality at the theatre!

 Geigi are professional artists who liven up events with traditional arts like Japanese dancing and shamisen (musical instrument).  Atami is one of the best geigi districts in the nation. After the Imperial Villa was built in Atami in 1888, Atami developed quite rapidly. Venture entrepreneurs, traders, railway kings and more came from Tokyo by ships and built villas in Atami. The geigi culture was rooted in Atami where they entertained one and all. On the weekends at Atami’s Geigi Kenban you can see dancing of the “Hana-no-mai” done by professionals that generally people don’t have the opportunity to see easily. Tea and sweets are provided so you can enjoy a bit of a café break. The Geigi wear decorations to mark the four seasons, so pay careful attention as they add to the story through dance. After seeing the Geigi dance, you can chat with them and take commemorative photos. Come and enjoy the traditional culture and hospitality of Atami.

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Basic Information

Address 17-13, Chuo-cho, Atami City, Shizuoka
Telephone Number 0557-81-3575
Web Site
Opening Hours “Hana-no-mai” performances: Saturday and Sunday from 11:00~(One performance is 30 minutes), reservations are accepted
Holiday Please contact us each time
Fee “Hana-no-mai” viewing fee: Adult 1,500 yen (with tea and sweets)
AccessClosest bus stop: Yu-yu-bus “Kiunkaku-nishi-guchi (West exit of Kiunkaku), Izu Hakone bus & Izu Tokai bus “Shimizu-cho”