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Ito River Walking
糸川さんぽ (Ito Gawa Sanpo)

Enjoy a stroll along Atami and be healed by the river

Atami has many hills. Ito River runs through the centre and alongside are walkways leading down to the seaside where leisurely strolls are popular.  In April, the flower of the season in Japan is the cherry blossoms but in Atami early cherry blossom “Atami Sakura” bloom in January allowing you to enjoy their beauty a little bit earlier. Also from June bright red bougainvillea and other flowers bloom all year long.  Also be sure not to miss a unique artistic bridge that has many objects on its handrails such as fish, octopus and many other sea creatures.  This promenade is lit up at night further enhancing the atmosphere of the area.  There are many dining and bar options that allow people to enjoy themselves at night.  Come enjoy the many scenes of Ito River in daytime and evening, stroll along the flowing rivers of Atami and heal your heart and mind.

Neighbourhood Highlights

Basic Information

Address Ginza-cho to Chuo-cho, Atami City, Shizuoka
AccessThe nearest bus stop/Yu-yu-bus “Oyukanketsusen”, Izu Hakone bus & Izu Tokai Bus “Ginza”, “Honmachi Syoutengai”