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Sun Beach
サンビーチ (Sun Beach)

Enjoy the many scenes of Sun Beach depending on the season and time of day

The Atami Sun Beach Resort landscape boasts beautiful views of blue sea, white sand and tree-lined date palms that stretch on in a long line.  Early in the morning the sun climbs from a horizontal line and dyes the beach and city with beautiful colours.  In the evening, Japan’s first beach illumination is held offering fantastic spectacles each night on the beach.
Atami offers great convenience for access within the city itself.  Having developed as a hot spring tourist destination, a number of hotels have been built having reclaimed some of the beach to take full advantage of the stunning views and great location.  Furthermore, the 200m long Sun Beach was revitalised in 1986 to create an artificial bathing beach.  Transportation in the area is convenient as well.  Every summer the beach is crowded with sunbathers from the Tokyo area.  The seawall offshore of Sun Beach is covered with a colourful mural by Masuo Ikeda, one of Japan’s figurative painters.
There are also many attractions around Sun Beach where visitors can enjoy the ocean and flowers.  In January, there are the “Atami cherry blossoms”, and from late February, the Daikan cherry and Oshima cherry trees also bloom one after another.  In early summer Agapanthus blooms and in the rainy season Jacaranda dyes the coast purple.  Known as a purple cherry blossom, the Jacaranda is very unusual in Honshu and only blooms here in Atami.  One of Atami’s specialties is the fireworks display that can be seen from the beach.  Held more than 10 times each year, many people crowd the town to see the fireworks.  Atami is a landmark resort area that allows visitors to enjoy different views throughout the seasons, so come check it out!

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Basic Information

Address Higashikaigan-cho, Atami City, Shizuoka
Telephone Number 0557-86-6218
Opening Hours Swimming at the beach is permitted during the hours of 9:00~17:00
Beach illumination occurs each night at sunset until 22:00 (fireworks are also held)
AccessFrom JR Atami Station and Momijigaoka, take buses heading to Sun Beach which should take about 5 minutes → Get off at Sun Beach and walk for 3 minutes