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Kyu Hyuga Bettei【Under construction and closed】
旧日向別邸 (Kyu Hyuga Bettei)

Japan’s only remaining architecture of Bruno Taut

The villa annex was completed in 1936 for Rihei Hyuga who was active in the Asian trade.
Designed by the German architect, Bruno Taut, this villa is the only one existing in Japan constructed by the designer, designated as an important cultural asset. The villa consists of three different style rooms.  Interestingly, Bruno Taut named each room as a musical composer, Beethoven the parlour surrounded by surrounded by bamboo and paulownia, Mozart the western room boasting views of the ocean and Bach the Japanese room.
The Beethoven room, which is red, is said to represent the upheavals from a military coup “2.26” that happened at the time. Although Taut was in Japan where he was in exile to escape persecution was not blessed with architectural work, this remaining villa is a truly great masterpiece. Starting with the Japanese-style beauty Kyoto Katsura Imperial Villa, the villa is a fusion of historic architecture that allows one to feel the modernism of “Bauhaus”.

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