Hot Spring Resorts by the Sea - Only 40 min from Tokyo!

走り湯 (Hashiriyu)

7,000 tons of water surges out each day! Water of the Gods

This “Hashiriyu”, as one of the three oldest hot spring sources in Japan, is in the style of a cave tunnel, especially unusual throughout Japan.  
Discovered about1,300 years ago, water gushes forth from the mountain and runs towards the coast. The cave has a depth of 5m from the mouth of the tunnel, and each day around 7,000 tons of 70 degree hot water spurts out. 
Passed on as the mouth of a dragon, it is believed to be a water god.  From ancient times, people have purified themselves at the source and paid homage at the shrine.
Be sure to check out this mysterious and spiritual place with your own eyes.  While you cannot bathe in the waters of Hashiriyu, you can enjoy small footbaths drawn from the hot springs; relax and take in pleasant views of the ocean.

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Basic Information

Address 604-10, Izusan, Atami City, Shizuoka
Telephone Number 0557-81-2631 (Izusan Onsen Tourist Association)
Opening Hours ※Hashiriyu footbaths are open from 9:00 to 16:00
AccessFrom Atami station take buses heading to “Yugawara”, it will take about 5 minutes → get off at “Aizomebashi”→ and walk for 10 minutes