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Seaside Atami Marche
海辺のあたみマルシェ (Umibeno Atami Marche)

Ideal for souvenirs and gifts! A huge bringing-together of local attractions.

Held once every two months, this craft and farmers’ market brings together in the one spot all that best represents things Izu and Atami including a wide array of carefully grown and locally produced vegetables and delicacies as well as crafts produced by local artisans in the Izu region.  Why not try sampling some local Japanese sake while cooking your food at the spot you bought it?  Scheduled street performers too appeal to all ages.  There are events here that unequivocally sum up all the very best that Izu has to offer – see, experience and eat to your heart’s content!

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Basic Information

Address Ginza-cyo, Atami city, Shizuoka
Web Site
Available Hours 10:00~15:00
Place Atami Ginza dori Shoutengai
*The street will be kept completely free of cars during Marche.