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Atami Fireworks Festival
熱海海上花火大会 (Atami Kaijyo Hanabitaikai)

Atami’s well-known event! Fireworks extravaganza combined with exceptional acoustics

This historic fireworks display that first commenced in 1952, is held not only in summer but more than 10 times annually throughout the entire year, an event unique to Atami.  Set in Atami Bay using the three sides of the surrounding mountains in the topographic form of grinding mortar, the exploding fireworks reverberate creating sound effects that resemble a large stadium.  The full impact of some 5000 fireworks set off in the night sky, reflected in the ocean water is a sight of flickering beauty not to be missed.  The finale of a sky-like “Niagara Falls” is a must-see.  The display runs for 25 minutes from 8.20 to 8.45 p.m..

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Basic Information

Address Shinsui Park, Nagisacho, Atami city, Shizuoka
Telephone Number 0557-85-2222 (Atami City Tourism Association)
Web Site
Event Days The itinerary can be checked online
Fireworks festival held at Atami Bay
*No postponement for rain