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網代 (Ajiro)

Dried fish are an exquisite local specialty! Enjoy the local gourmet food, stunning ocean scenery and hot springs!

Ajiro has prospered as a port city and today is a well-known hot spring resort, still retaining a popular charm that exudes tranquillity and peacefulness.  Easily accessible by bus, just 30 minutes from Atami Station or alternatively just three stops away on a local train, one is greeted with a nostalgic Japanese scene of previous times, where rows of dried fish adorn alleyway shops.  Such daily goods are the staple groceries for many local folk who desire foods naturally yet exquisitely salted by the ocean, in a way unique to Ajiro, also prized by visitors who travel specially to purchase them.  Slightly different in taste to central Atami, this local gourmet cuisine, the stunning ocean scenery and the ability to soak in hot springs are indeed the very drawcards of Ajiro.

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Basic Information

Address Ajiro, Atami City, Shizuoka
Telephone Number 0557-68-0136 (Ajiro Hot Spring Tourist Association)
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