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Atami Port
熱海港 (Atami-Kou)

The departure point for the outer islands

Atami Port is the front door to numerous tours that depart for the outlying islands.  Accessible by high speed boat in just 25 minutes, Hatsushima is  known for being the closest from metropolitan Tokyo.  45 minutes away, one can arrive at Oshima, just one of many in the Izu Peninsula.  The rising cobalt blue sea surrounding the islands is particularly popular among visitors, where water sports, fishing and scuba diving are widely enjoyed.  Oshima designated with Japan Geo Parks is a good spot to enjoy trekking while admiring the beauty of various natural rock formations that have come about by volcanic activity of Mt Mihara.  As estimated three million camellias have sprouted throughout the entire island, from which the extracted camellia oil is well-known.

Neighbourhood Highlights

Basic Information

Address 6-11, Wadahamaminami-cho, Atami City, Shizuoka
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