Hot Spring Resorts by the Sea - Only 40 min from Tokyo!

Learn about the source of the hot springs. Stunning Views of Mount Fuji & the Legend of Izusan Dragon.

Required Time: 8 hours

Learn about the source of the hot springs. Stunning Views of Mount Fuji & the Legend of Izusan Dragon.

Atami’s hot springs history can be traced back to more than 1000 years ago, allowing Atami to utilise these in its development as a tourist destination to this day.  This suggested schedule is for those interested in visiting the source of today’s natural hot springs.

  • START Atami Station
  • 40 minutes by Izu Hakone Bus to "Jukkoku toge Noboriguchi"

    Jukkoku Pass

    十国峠 (Jyukkoku Touge)
    Arrival Time: 10:00
    Commanding view of what is the grandeur of the World Heritage Mt Fuji
    35 minutes by bus from Atami Station is Jukkkoku Pass where the summit can be reached by cable car 316m in length, offering a superb view of the cultural World Heritage site of Mt Fuji.  From the Pass, one is also rewarded with a complete 360 degree panoramic view of Suruga Bay which has Miho-no-Matsubara (Miho pine grove) and Sagami Bay and more.
    Address 1400-20, Kuwabara, Kannami cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka
    Telephone Number 0557-81-6895 (Hakone Jukkoku Pass Cable Car)
    Web Site
    Opening Hours Cable Car / First Departure 8:51 a.m., Last Departure 4:50 p.m.
    Holiday Cable Car / Closed during times of strong winds and inclement weather.
    Fee Cable Car / Adult Return 720 yen, Child Return 360
    AccessClosest Bus Stop / Izu Hakone Bus
    Jukkoku Nobori Guchi (via Himenosawa Park)
  • 40 minutes by Izu Hakone Bus to "Atami Station"→ Lunch at a variety of establishments near Atami Station

    Shopping Arcade in front of Atami Station (Nakamise shopping street, Heiwadori shopping street)

    熱海駅前商店街(仲見世商店街、平和通り商店街) (Atami Ekimae Syoutengai (Nakamise Syoutengai, Heiwadori Syoutengai))
    Arrival Time: 12:00
    Discover local foods and goods in front of the station mall
    In front of Atami Station, the two shopping districts are Nakamise shopping arcade and Heiwa shopping arcade, as well as long-established shops founded in the 60s and 70s.
    Unlike shopping malls, many smaller shops are gathered for a very unique Japanese shopping experience.  Restaurants, cafes, sushi shops and dried food stores and of course souvenirs from Izu Peninsula can be found.  Why not take a stroll and munch on some hot spring buns?  Start and end your journey by shopping here.
    Web Site
    AccessIn front of JR Atami Station
  • 10 minutes by Izu Tokai Bus to "Izusan Jinjya Mae"

    Izusan Shrine

    伊豆山神社 (Izusan Jinjya)
    Arrival Time: 13:30
    A shrine with two red and white dragons that produces a hot spring
    Atami is located at the base of the Izu Peninsula.  Izusan Shrine is the birthplace of Izu’s name and has a history of more than 2,000 years.  The well-known Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu who started the Edo Shogunate, which started in 1603 and lasted in Japan for about 250 years, is also worshiped at this shrine.  The symbol of Izusan Shrine is its red and white dragons.  The red dragon represents fire and the white one represents water.  They are guardians of the hot springs, which produce hot water with the power of fire and water.
    These dragons are said to reside beneath Izusan and boil the water, from which there is an entryway with a stairwell that goes down 837 steps.  It is here at the base of the stairwell that one finds running hot spring source called “Hashiriyu”, believed to be the mouth of the dragon. The hot spring is believed to be divine water.
    When at the shrine, please be sure to check out the red and white dragons, take in the main building, Chozusha (building for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth) and charms. Since olden times, warlords visited Isuzan Shrine for good luck and due to the strength of the good luck from the shrine their careers flourished. As such, Izusan Shrine is believed to be a strong source of good luck.
    Address 708-1, Uenoji, Izusan, Atami City, Shizuoka
    Telephone Number 0557-80-3164
    Web Site
    AccessFrom JR Atami station, take buses heading for Nanaodanchi, it takes 10 minutes by bus to Izusan Shrine and get off in front of Izusan Shrine.
  • 30 minutes Walk


    走り湯 (Hashiriyu)
    Arrival Time: 14:30
    7,000 tons of water surges out each day! Water of the Gods
    This “Hashiriyu”, as one of the three oldest hot spring sources in Japan, is in the style of a cave tunnel, especially unusual throughout Japan.  
    Discovered about1,300 years ago, water gushes forth from the mountain and runs towards the coast. The cave has a depth of 5m from the mouth of the tunnel, and each day around 7,000 tons of 70 degree hot water spurts out. 
    Passed on as the mouth of a dragon, it is believed to be a water god.  From ancient times, people have purified themselves at the source and paid homage at the shrine.
    Be sure to check out this mysterious and spiritual place with your own eyes.  While you cannot bathe in the waters of Hashiriyu, you can enjoy small footbaths drawn from the hot springs; relax and take in pleasant views of the ocean.
    Address 604-10, Izusan, Atami City, Shizuoka
    Telephone Number 0557-81-2631 (Izusan Onsen Tourist Association)
    Opening Hours ※Hashiriyu footbaths are open from 9:00 to 16:00
    AccessFrom Atami station take buses heading to “Yugawara”, it will take about 5 minutes → get off at “Aizomebashi”→ and walk for 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes by Izu Tokai bus "Aizomebashi" to "Atami Station" → 10 minutes Walk

    One-day hot spring

    立ち寄り温泉 (Onsen)
    Arrival Time: 15:10
    Day trips to enjoy the well-known hot spring of Atami
    The history of Atami’s hot spring waters is old, dating back over 1,000 years.  From 1603 when Japan was ruled by the Edo shogunate generals for about 250 years, the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu made a special trip to visit the special healing waters of Atami. The shogun was so impressed with the healing powers of the water that he had some taken to Edo (Tokyo) by boat and thus Atami became famous throughout Japan.
    Atami is still rich with the amount of water that flows out; enjoy the source of the water as it flows throughout the city.
    Once operated as inns, many older hot spring hotels have wonderful atmosphere and bathing facilities that have warmed people of the city for a long time.  There are even public baths and bathing facilities to be enjoyed just for a day, so come and enjoy yourself!
    Telephone Number 0557-85-2222 (Atami City Tourism Association ))
  • GOAL Atami Station

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