Hot Spring Resorts by the Sea - Only 40 min from Tokyo!


Detailed information on a wide range of accommodation options is available on Japanese style inns (ryokan) and hotels with open baths overlooking the ocean, as well as rooms with individual open air baths and hotels nearby the station.

Soaking in a hot bath overlooking the ocean at a Japanese style inn or hotel is highly recommended. Ample rooms whereby one can privately enjoy fireworks during displays are also available.

The hot spring water of Atami is gentle on the skin with low alkalinity. Known to be highly effective to beautify skin and ease the fatigue of travel, be sure to take advantage of one of many free-flowing hot spring sources throughout the city.

Atami’s ryokans and hotels offer the freshest of locally caught seafood cuisine. Enjoy the experience of donning a light cotton kimono known as a yukata, sipping Japanese sake and sampling the delight of fresh sashimi.

Numerous accommodation options are located within easy access from the station, just 40 minutes by shinkansen from Tokyo, making it a highly recommended side destination to enjoy hot springs and the freshest seafood.