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Food Culture


As a seaside resort, Atami boasts the freshest caught seafood, a must for those keen to sample authentic sushi, dried fish, fish boiled in broth, as well as other seafood and rice dishes. Especially worth trying are the many characteristic shops and reasonable establishments that serve seafood direct from the markets. The many restaurants of nearby Japanese style inns and hotels in the vicinity are also great places to enjoy the local food.

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Japanese Western Food Culture

Atami began to flourish as a resort to rest and recuperate particularly from the 19th century onwards with more and more VIPs, dignitaries and men of literature visiting the area, to the extent that the overall quality of food and establishments greatly improved to best accommodate their needs. It was during this time when western influences saw the development of western food culture in Japan. Examples of such food remain to this day and include Napolitaine pasta on a hot plate, tonkatsu, omelette and rice and the unique Japanese version of curry. Again, with few chain stores, the very essence of local hospitality is served up at the city’s numerous locally-run restaurants, where each dish is created with the utmost care and hospitality.

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Atami Sweets

The historic resort town of Atami has seen a culture of handmade sweets continually develop over the years to best serve the needs of its many visitors. Such traditional sweets have had a role of being first served with green tea upon entering a Japanese style inn as well as before bathing, to relieve the fatigue of a long journey. As well as one particular traditional sweet shop that has been in operation for more than a century since the Emperor’s imperial villa was opened up in 1888, many other smaller historic shops can also be found. Some sweets to definitely consider trying on a stroll throughout the city include manjyu (Japanese style buns stuffed with bean paste), sweets from shrines, as well as any sweets made from the locally produced oranges.

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Late night gourmet food

Atami also has plenty of evening attractions! Whether it be walking down Ito River that meanders through the city, or enjoying Sun Beach magically illuminated, it’s a welcome change of scenery to the atmosphere of Atami during the day. Safe for a stroll too through the city, many local bars and pubs await you, in contrast to what few chain stores that exist. A walk through the back alleys unveils even more clubs, pubs and dedicated bars in which modern entertainers will ensure you are shown the best in hospitality. Should you decide to do the rounds of some drinking establishments after dinner, you’ll be thoroughly rewarded with what Atami has to offer, a city that never sleeps.

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Japan’s national food, ramen, can of course be found in Atami at a number of speciality restaurants, offering a huge variety of styles including wonton, soy and pork broths, in all different sizes and tastes. Noodles are also considered the perfect way to finish off lunch or dinner with an alcoholic beverage, evidenced by the large number of locals at these restaurants. But for the epitome of Japanese noodles, why not try buckwheat noodles, known as soba? Soba at Japanese style baths are particularly recommended. For a superb meal, try some Japanese alcoholic sake too, for the perfect accompaniment. Be sure to take advantage of all these noodle shops, in abundance both throughout the city and close to the main station.

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